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the origin of coffee, pure and simple
    BOON COFFEE offers high-quality green and   
  roasted Arabica coffee from Ethiopia.  We source world-renowned premium coffee varieties such as Yirgacheffe, Sidama, Harrar and Lekempti directly from Ethiopia.  We are constantly looking for the best quality beans to showcase the diverse flavors
   and tastes of Ethiopian coffee.  All Ethiopian
     coffee is grown organically by tradition.
Why should your coffee travel around the world?
Most Ethiopian coffee in the UAE and the Middle East is first purchased by large European or American coffee importers, shipped to as far west as the United States, and then as far east as Australia, before it is exported to this region . . . read more
Dubai Roasting
Our pride and reputation are based on our products.  Our goal is to ensure our coffee beans are consistently of superior quality and served to capture the peak flavor in every cup. At BOON COFFEE, we select only the very best quality Arabica beans, which are then skillfully roasted in DUBAI, to bring out the optimal flavor of each bean. We package and deliver fresh coffee beans daily providing you with reliable and professional service.
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